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We guide you to automation greatness using a powerful development platform.

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Lower Costs

We help reduce the cost of automation development and provide solutions which enable you to avoid costly alternatives.

Capture & Retain Knowlege

Capture real world experiences and unique domain knowledge into a manageable repository of scripted assets which can be deployed everywhere.

Increased Solutions

Release the hidden creative talents of your employees and turn them into a valuable source of innovation that you benefit from.

Automation is hard. We help make it easy.

Automating IT tasks is often much harder than it looks. Making it easier begins with a strong foundation. Our Unix/Linux based automation framework, Arcshell, provides a richly featured development platform which enables users to quickly develop, test, and deploy solutions. Arclogic Software works closely with it’s customers to guide them towards their automation goals. We provide training, mentoring, and development services. We are committed to seeing you succeed.



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Arclogic Software was founded by Ethan Ray Post in 2016. Ethan has over 20 years of automation development experience in Enterprise IT environments for multiple fortune 500 companies.

Let's Talk (931) 230-3317