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I am excited to announce a new feature for Arcshell called “watch_files”. This powerful function makes it ridiculously easy to begin monitoring files and directories in Unix/Linux server environments. There are literally hundreds of operating system files you need to monitor for unexpected changes. Each application running on the server usually adds many more. Unexpected file modifications are often indicators that something is wrong. Those changes can result in untimely service tickets and alarms.

By default Arcshell is configured to begin monitoring files in the directories below every 60 minutes. These values can be modified by the Arcshell owner. Values can be set for a single host or a larger group of hosts from a single root installation node.

The code below handles running the watch_file job. This is all the code it takes to set up and begin monitoring on a recurring schedule using watch_file. Monitoring results are logged in the application log file which can be monitored internally using the Arcshell log file monitor or your preferred log file monitoring solution. 

We plan on releasing up to two features per month per month. If you’re interested in learning more about Arcshell get in touch. Our framework is the perfect solution for IT providers and consultancies looking to ramp up the level of automation they can deliver.