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Splunk (a billion dollar a year company in the enterprise IT market space) famously trademarked the term “Take the sh out of IT.” and put it on a shirt. If you don’t get the “joke” sh stands for shell and IT stands for Information Technology. Provocative marketing may be a small part of their success but they also solve a very difficult problem, parsing log files at scale. I might not be very bright. I invested two years of my life building a framework written completely in shell. The language Splunk famously pokes fun of. Maybe they got it wrong.

Let me go on record. Shell is here to stay. Like the creator of OilShell, I am taking shell seriously as a programming language. It isn’t perfect, far from it, but the same goes for PHP and JavaScript and it hasn’t hurt. They are immensely popular. The advantages of working with shell for the average Linux/Unix user far outweigh the disadvantages. A framework that solves the difficult use cases is needed and my product does that.

Take a look above. These are the acquisitions Splunk has made over the years. I am just a small automation and monitoring fish in a very big sea. As far as I know we have developed the first commercially viable development framework for shell scripts. Amazingly popular development frameworks exist for all of the popular web and application development languages. It is only reasonable at least one exist for shell. We are going to work hard to make sure the sh stays in IT.