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ArcShell ships with 30+ powerful modules that make it easy to solve hard problems. We have big things coming but we are also interested in hearing your ideas. Sign up today and let’s start talking.

Free 30 day trial. No billing data required.

To purchase sign up for the free trial and we will begin invoicing you at the end of the trial.

Billing & Refunds

Billing does not begin until the end of the 30 day evaluation period. You can request monthly or annual billing once you get started. You can cancel at anytime. You will only pay for the term of the license you used. For example, if you pay annually and cancel half way through the contract we will return 50% of your licensing cost. The same example applies to monthly billing.  

Teams vs. Company Licensing

To keep things simple we offer two types of licenses. Teams are for teams of any size, one or a thousand. We will leave it up to you to decide what a “team” is. A company license covers your entire company.  


Each customer gets access to our Basecamp based support platform. This is where you download our software, chat with us, post support requests and more. You can request access for up to 3-8 other employees depending on your license type. If you need additional support accounts just let us know. We would be happy to offer unlimited support accounts but the price of our software would need to be much higher to support that model. The level of support each customer requires can vary greatly so if you need additional accounts, again, just let us know and we will work with you.

“Locked-In” Pricing

Your pricing is locked in. Our pricing is low and should make your decision to license easy to make. Your pricing will never change. As the value of the software we provide increases it is possible the price will also increase accordingly. By buying now you are locking in your 
“forever” price. Note “forever” pricing may not be offered forever.

If you have any questions you still need answered please send an email to


Arclogic Software

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