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Enjoy these free tools and training from Arclogic Software.

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Free Resources

We use a shared Dropbox folder to distribute free resources. See the links and descriptions.


  1. Unit Testing Quick Start Guide (PDF) – This file contains the instructions you need to get up and running quickly with our unit testing framework. Only six pages long with screen captures. Download this and the resource pack below to start writing unit tests within minutes.
  2. Free Resource Pack (ZIP)  – This zip file contains all of the free code libraries we provide.

What’s Included


Unit Test Framework


If you haven’t learned to write unit tests for your shell scripted code you need to start! Our unit test framework has been used extensively in the development of our product Arcshell. This application contains almost 30 modules. Maintenance could not be achieved without unit testing.


Debug Module


Our debug module makes adding debug statements to your code easy. It also integrates with the unit testing framework automatically if it is loaded. Debug statements are automatically dumped when a test fails. As you write better unit tests you will find very little debug is actually required to quickly find and resolve bugs. Quick start guide coming soon.


String Module


Our string module contains a lot of very helpful string related functions. Each module listed here contains an API reference in Markdown format best viewed with a Markdown viewer such as


Arcshell API Reference


The complete API reference for the Arcshell Core are included in the resource pack in Markdown format.





Need training for any of the above? Get in touch. 931 450-8899. We also provide automation consulting and development services.


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