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Enjoy these free tools and training from Arclogic Software.

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Our Free Tools

The tools listed below are all freely available on GitHub. Arclogic Software provides on site training services (training page with specifics pending). Topics include basic shell scripting, advanced shell scripting, unit testing, test driven design, and we offer training for our Arcshell development platform. Everything is geared with an emphasis on automation and monitoring. Please call for more details or to schedule a class.


We will be posting training videos and linking here and from the docs on GitHub within the next week or two (May 31, 2018).


Shell Scripting Debugger


This debugger is very easy to use and includes some powerful features. It integrates nicely with the unit testing framework listed below.


Shell Script Unit Testing Framework


The unit test framework supports testing in Bash or Korn shells. This framework has been used extensively during development of our automation platform, Arcshell. There are other frameworks available on GitHub, shunit2 is probably the best alternative.



Arclogic Software was founded by Ethan Ray Post in 2016. Ethan has over 20 years of automation development experience in Enterprise IT environments for multiple fortune 500 companies.
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