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Do you manage a team managing applications which run on Linux/Unix servers? What would they do if you asked them to automate their job away in the coming year? Let’s get past the initial shock and assume they will still have a job in a year after doing this!¬†What tools and technologies are they going to select to meet this goal?

Perhaps you answered Chef, Puppet, Run Deck, containers, or Ansible. One or more of these technologies could have a role to play in the strategy. I would bet every dollar I have they can’t exploit the power of those solutions without shell scripts. Shell scripts are unavoidable when working with Linux/Unix and your team already knows how to write them. Don’t believe me? Read the FAQ and read about the “oilshell” project.

We can help you take your teams shell scripting capabilities to a new level. Our platform it simple to write configurable, testable, and distributed solutions. That’s what we do. We can teach your team to get the most out of their shell scripting skills by introducing them to our scripting platform Arcshell. Get in touch if you would like to learn more.

Note: The image taken from Site Reliability Workbook.