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Why now?

Why the market is ready for Arcshell now.

Automation Isn’t Easy

Companies are struggling to find the right combination of solutions to meet their automation needs. Automation is much harder than it looks. A simple task can turn out to be quite complicated when you try to encode manual tasks and account for the factors that a human can easily handle. Although there are tools available which offer to solve these problems, few often do. Many come with substantial direct and indirect costs. Unexpected custom development is common. Installing these products may require complicated multi-tiered architectures.

Existing Solutions Are Not Penetrating All Markets

The “hot” solutions in the market place are not adequate to meet all challenges. Products like Ansible, Chef and Puppet solve some very difficult configuration management problems; but they are primarily aimed at operating system administrators, especially those working in large development shops and cloud or cloud like environments. There is a market gap that is not servicing individuals, consultants, and application administrators working in traditional IT environments.

Arcshell Addresses Unique Market Needs

Arcshell is more than a configuration management tool. It is a development platform that can be used to build a complete configuration management tool application. It works well alongside other tools that require custom scripting to solve all types of problems. Regardless of the solutions being used, Arcshell is an indispensible addition to your tool set.

Arcshell Address Current Market Needs

Buzzwords are tiring, but they do reflect strategic directions for companies. Arcshell is in line with those directions. If you are in technology circles you see the buzzwords “Agile”, “Dev/Ops”, “Automation” and so on. These buzzwords do reflect a reality in what corporations are trying to achieve. Arcshell fits these spaces very nicely. Arcshell brings Agile like development capabilities to an area in which it is not often practiced. Arcshell enables automation in areas which are not currently being automated, and those assets can be developed by very small teams and distributed throughout the enterprise or broader community.

Linux Market Growth

The number of internet connected devices and hardware platforms running Linux as the operating system is growing. Arcshell is the only sophisticated programming framework actively being developed which enables users to write powerful management utilities, command line interfaces and deploy using simple shell scripts.

Legacy Unix Market Still Needs Tooling

Although many companies are working to make the move to Linux, this is going to take a long time. In the meantime, they are still running on other Unix operating systems. One challenge they face is that many tools are geared exclusively for Linux. Arclogic Software has worked hard to ensure that Arcshell can run in all Linux and Unix environments. Arcshell is fully tested to work in Bash and Korn shells and has worked hard to operate on all posix compliant systems

A Competitive IT Services Marketplace

It is difficult for IT service providers to distinguish themselves from their competition. They hire from the same talent pools. They deploy the same off the shelf solutions. They run on the same hardware and so on. Arcshell is unique. It is a platform for deploying scripted assets and solutions to very large user bases quickly. Service providers running Arcshell can rapidly build and deploy solutions. This sets apart the quality of their service offerings and employee performance from the competition. Arcshell is being built with reporting in mind. Arcshell can provide environment health and relevant metrics to higher level stakeholders automatically and enable them to act on issues before they threaten customer relationships.

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