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We Created The Arcshell Automation Platform
Arcshell is our flagship software offering. Arcshell is a unique platform used to quickly build and deploy scripted solutions within distributed application server environments.


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Arcshell customers can develop and deploy scripted solutions like never before. Arcshell is well suited for consultants, enterprise IT, service providers, and device manufacturers. Rich libraries enable users to create reliable scripts that solve complicated problems with more features in less time. The only requirement to run Arcshell is a shell! It is designed to run on one server or thousands. It is easy to maintain and deploy. We have worked hard to bring power and simplicity together in Arcshell.

Automation, Monitoring, and Configuration Management Tools are a Billion Dollar Industry

The Enterprise Software industry generates high profit margins. Multiple configuration management tools take in over 100 million dollars in annual revenue. Arcshell makes an excellent companion to many of these products and is positioned within a unique and currently unfilled market segment.


Arcshell is a unique product in a market looking for solutions. We are just getting started and Arclogic Software is committed to building Arcshell into a first-class automation and monitoring platform. Arclogic Software is currently looking for and considering partnerships and private investments which are aligned with our vision. Please contact us if you would like to know more. Here are some links to help you understand who we are.

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